Elegant Simplicity

In Residence is a company specialising in lifestyle management on behalf of VIP clients who own residential property in Cape Town but visit the city only occasionally.

  • We manage all aspects of property maintenance and security, including the maintenance of motor vehicles kept on the property, ensuring that the property is immaculate at all times and that all amenities and facilities are fully operational.
  • We oversee the rental of the property to high net worth individuals looking for a personalised experience of Cape Town and all the city has to offer.
  • And for both owner and lessee, we provide a broad range of personal services to ensure that every need is met.

At the heart of our success is our approach of elegant simplicity, where all services are accessed through the push of a button, ensuring minimal invasiveness, and delivering an optimal private experience to all our clients at every turn.

Our Properties

With more than 20 years experience, In Residence offers you rental of some of South Africa’s most exclusive and luxurious properties.

Our Properties


Personal Services

In Residence has an extensive list of thoroughly-vetted contacts and suppliers to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The services provided include concierge, chauffeurs, butlers, chefs, caterers, baby sitters, personal shoppers - all the way to yoga instructors, masseuses, personal trainers, and VIP protection services. In fact, whatever your interest, In Residence will be able to facilitate the relevant service.

Culture and Nightlife Reservations

In Residence will use its substantial influence to ensure that tickets to booked-out shows and restaurants are secured, and that you are added to guest lists at Cape Town's most in-demand nightclubs as required. Of course, the clearer our understanding of your interests, the more we are able to tailor our personalised offering to you.


Because transport can prove challenging when renting a villa in Cape Town, In Residence can arrange that you have your own fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles hired for the exclusive use of our clients, ensuring that you never feel confined to your villa, and are always able to experience the freedom of the city.

Rest and Relaxation

In Residence is able to organise almost any recreational activity on our behalf, from tours, helicopter trips, boat rides, yacht rentals, spa treatments and health club attendance.


Seamless Convenience

At In Residence, we believe that there's no reason for your lifestyle to be interrupted by the administration and practicalities of running, managing and enjoying a second home.

That's why we offer a premium service for owners of luxury residential properties in Cape Town. A service that sees not only to the maintenance and security of your property, but seeks also to secure short-term rental returns from discreet, high net worth visitors.

And in addition ensures that you're able to make the most of your stay in Cape. After all, we believe that to be enjoyed to the full, life should be effortless. Don't you?

How it works

Cost Structures

In Residence operates on a transparent commission structure and does not receive rebates or kick-backs for the third-party services it offers. Property management is charged at a flat rate.

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  • Telephone 021 424 5150